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Back in the foxhole with Bunker Labs

As a veteran-led organization we go out of our way to stay connected with the veteran community. One way we do that is through active participation with Bunker Labs. Bunker Labs helps veterans and their spouses find the quickest route to a successful business. We had the distinct pleasure of attending their Bunker Connect Seattle networking event and sharing our story and mentoring on customer success.

Some quick highlights from the event:

  1. Customer Success is relatively unknown in the service community. This is a shame and a wonderful opportunity to educate driven and tested leaders in the value Customer Success provides organizations, what a career in it looks like, and the organizational impact veterans can make in it.

  2. Networking does not come naturally for most veterans. You spend a career developing connections with people committed to sacrificing their lives for their country and pivoting to a business connection is difficult. Veterans openly sharing their transition stories and opening doors to non-veteran contact experiences are invaluable to the veteran community.

  3. Leveraging LinkedIn's Find Nearby feature is a must for anyone looking to build their professional network. An easy to use function to connect immediately to other experts attending the same event. More modern than business cards, and provides greater assurance you're linking with everyone.

We'll continue to post about our experiences at this and other similar events. We ask our readers continue to do their part to welcome veterans into their networks and provide them real opportunities to lead business to better outcomes.


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