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COVID-19 Volunteer & Resource Information

Here are some quick resources to organizations I've aligned myself to in the effort to combat COVID-19. I'll continue to add to this resource area as I discover and become involved with more organizations.

Blood Donation - While not top of mind for many, in my opinion it's the easiest contribution any healthy individual can make that covers the greatest need. Here are some quick links to finding a blood donation opportunity in your area.

Creating/Sewing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - There's still a great need for PPE for healthcare professionals. Here are some "how to" and "where to donate" guides.

Donate Food - 40 million people in the US were considered food insecure prior to the pandemic. Here are some organizations that specialize in getting meals to those with the need.

Provide Companionship - There are many who are isolated and in need of extra social contact. Here are some organizations that specialize in connecting volunteers to those communities.

Government Resources - Here are some quick links to federal and government sites that provide information on how you may help combat COVID-19.

I hope you found these resources valuable and helpful in your effort to take action to combat COVID-19. I'll see you out there on the front line!

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