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Designing Differentiators that Result in Better Customer Outcomes

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

What is the unique value my organization and I bring to the world? How can I tell/assure that these differentiator(s) are meaningful and best utilize them to ensure customer value and renewal? Acclaimed business strategist and coach Brad Krueger ( helps me explore these questions and more in this episode of Customer Success by Design - LIVE!!!

As an action oriented individual I ask and encourage each guest to share which charitable and social change organizations they'd like to promote and share to help combat COVID-19 & social injustice. You may find the list of organizations I am active with and support here.

Brad asks you support Entre Hermanos which provides social, educational, and health support services to the Latino LGBTQ community. In addition, Brad requests you assist Ventures a Seattle-based nonprofit that empowers aspiring women, people of color, immigrants, and low income entrepreneurs with access to business training, capital, coaching, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Thank you for watching Brad's and my discussion on designing differentiators that result in better customer outcomes. I look forward to seeing you at one of my future live stream events here.



In this episode, Brad sites information from the following sources:

  • Business meaning/mantra and customers will pay more for unique value Kawasaki, Guy (2004). The Art of the Start. London: Penguin Books Ltd

  • 99% of our brains processing is subconscious. The Truth About Pricing (episode 5, The Brainy Business podcast)

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