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To Product from Customer Success

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Guys, you’ve been killin’ it this year. Working hard to pump out features, functions, and benefits that drive customer value with minimal lift from our organization. We were so grateful we just had to jump in and get you what you’ve always wanted, the customer “why”! We know, we know. Crazy, but we pulled it off. We were able to get the voice of the customer compiled into a digestible and actionable format. No more wondering why customers aren’t using the product the way you intended. No more questions about what's next on the horizon for them.. And all of it compiled in a tight data format complete with ready willing and able contacts desiring more engagement with YOU. How’d we pull it off? Well, while it’s no fun sharing all of Santa’s secrets, here’s how the elves were able to cobble this together:

  1. We leveraged the Customer Success department to identify the power users. You just can’t discount the power of a deep human relationship and a well constructed CRM. Fortunately we’ve got some stellar folks actively engaging customers on topics that marry their needs to our solutions who maintain exceptional records. A simple data dump combined with a survey to the team about which customer’s they’d define as worthy of engaging about the “why”, and wholla! A nice roster of contacts for us to brainstorm on how best to approach.

  2. We created multiple opportunities for customers to share their feedback. We know you can’t capture everything in the product. So we built you just in time surveys following support interactions, standard questionnaires during milestone events with CSMs, staffed customer focused reps at events, conducted exit interviews with churned customers. (We even tossed in a few executive interviews with Top 25 accounts for good measure too!) Best of all, we built in this consistency to all our business processes. It’s the gift that will keep on giving!

  3. We asked our friends to introduce them to their friends. We figured since our network is our networth we took that approach to our evangelists and asked if they had a peer outside their organization interested in serving on advisory boards and maybe having deeper discussions about how we may partner thereafter. This was the largest collaborative undertaking as it took the entire team to generate the experiences to earn enough trust from our customer network to make this happen. We couldn’t be prouder of this one!

Yep, through these efforts we were able to bring the voice of the customer to your front door. Product experience, customer experience, and market needs all at your fingertips. We’re so excited to see you leveraging your new toy in the years to come, and can’t wait to help you get the expansion sets for it.

Merry Christmas Product!

Love Customer Success

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