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How to Communicate the Recurring Value of Seasonal Solutions to Customers

How do I effectively showcase my solution's value when the need for it is only once or twice a year? How can I do this without being seen as a pest? Data privacy and cybersecurity compliance expert Melissa Van Buhler joins Adam for a customer success community discussion in this episode of Customer Success by Design - LIVE!!!

As an action oriented individual I ask and encourage each guest to share which charitable and social change organizations they'd like to promote to help combat COVID-19 & social injustice. You may find the list of organizations I am active with and support here.

Melissa asks that you consider supporting Hopelink nonprofit organization working to end poverty in our community.

Thank you for watching Melissa's and my discussion on how to communicate recurring value of seasonal products to customers. I look forward to seeing you at one of my future live stream events here.



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